Background Screening

Whether you are with a government agency, large corporation, mid-size organization or a small business, International Trace offers intelligent and thorough background screening that enables you to focus on what’s important —making the best employment decisions and mitigating your organization’s risk.

With International Trace, your hiring process will be streamlined by our fully automated, web-based screening technology that is scalable to fit the needs of your organization. Developed to handle the screening needs of companies with as few as 10 employees to multi-national corporations that span the globe, International Trace can package a screening solution contoured to your company’s needs.

Our screening services are powered by speed, efficiency and accuracy, backed by one of the most robust research networks in the industry. That’s why employee screening firms across the country depend on International Trace for their public records research needs. You too can depend on International Trace to provide your company or agency with a smart approach to screening — one that will facilitate rapid, sound and confident decisions.


Services Include

  • Business Due Diligence and Vendor Screening
  • Due Diligence Backgrounds for Lending Institutions
  • Pre-Employment Background Screening / Employee Screening
  • Corporate Investigative Background Research
  • Security Clearance Investigations
  • International Background Checks and Due Diligence
  • Background Check Service Provider Audits
  • DOT, FAA AND FDIC Compliance Consulting and Audits

The investigative information that International Trace provided sufficiently impressed the firm’s leadership that they are now our primary resource for our risk mitigation needs.
— Maida North, SMW Trading Company

What We've Achieved

  • Created, pioneered, and trademarked the concept of “Organic Security”; invited to present concept at the ASIS International Conference on Emerging Security Practice and Trends.
  • Through skillful interviewing, obtained a confession from a company manager who embezzled $300,000.
  • Made media appearances on nationally syndicated television, radio, newspapers, magazines and industry conferences.
  • Organized an Anti-Terrorism conference in Washington D.C. with a founding member of the Central Intelligence Agency's Counter Terrorism Center.
  • Conducted Anti-Terrorism and Security Awareness training for 14 sovereign consulates.
  • Conducted supply chain security audits and investigative assignments in countries throughout Latin America, China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East