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Field Investigations
International Trace works seamlessly with counsel, corporate security professionals, and government agencies around the world. Our traditional boots-on-the-ground investigation services supports our clients’ objectives by gathering evidence via in-person statements & interviews, video surveillance, undercover investigations, professional dumpster diving, process services, document retrieval, etc.
International Trace Industries
Cyber & Forensics
International Trace is the benchmark for technology in the investigation industry. When you or your business are the target of a malicious cyber-attack including data breach, International Trace has the expertise to help you quarantine, control, and remove the threat. Additionally, our cyber pros are capable of retrieving lost and/or concealed data as a result of a cyber-attack or intentional concealment.
International Trace Risk Technology
Intelligence & Locating
Reliable intelligence depends on the integrity and accuracy of the information the intelligence is derived from. International Trace’s worldwide reputation as the expert in court records research, information gathering, and cyber mining is unparalleled. Using cyber data/image recognition capabilities in combination with our field investigations and research capabilities, International Trace is able to find the most well-hidden assets and bank accounts, locate people, retrieve records, and develop evidence on a global scale.
About International Trace

International Trace is a global intelligence firm specializing in helping organizations mitigate, control, and eliminate security risks. Our agency combines engineering principles with advanced cyber systems and traditional boots-on-the-ground investigations to ensure our clients have the most comprehensive support for due diligence, audits, and corrective actions. Our agency is globally recognized for our unparalleled research capabilities including international court records, assets and bank accounts.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

United Nations
United Nations Secretary General meets International Trace executives.
United Nations
International Trace sponsors Anti-Terrorism Conference in Washington D.C