Information Services
Background Investigations
The Company
Screening prospective employees, vendors, borrowers, partners, clients, and threats is the most basic and critical step to making informed, strategic business decisions. International Trace can conduct domestic (U.S.) and international background investigations. International Trace is capable of developing DOT, FAA, and KYC compliance background investigations.
Cyber Surveillance
The Company
Monitor the online activity of employees, vendors, borrowers, partners, clients, and threats to remain abreast of situations that can impact the preservation of your company’s public and professional reputation.

Debtor Monitoring
Monitor debtors’ financial integrity to quickly identify new risks that could impact your covenant.
Asset/Bank Investigations
Information Services
Asset/Bank Investigations is the staple of International Trace. Discover your debtors’ hidden assets and bank accounts through the most comprehensive process of public records research, boots-on-the-ground investigations, and cyber mining.
Privacy Protection
Information Services
Protect your privacy by having trained and certified Engineers “sweep” your property and electronics for audio, visual, and tracking intrusions.
Business Risk Intelligence Reports
Title Search Services
Improve and optimize decisions and performance with Business Intelligence Reports from International Trace. Unlike your traditional research data, International Trace obtains intelligence by conducting field audits and investigations. In other words, our intelligence comes from boots-on-the-ground analysis and evidence, real life action.
Third-Party Services
Third-Party Audits, Inspections, Data Collections, Surveys, etc. is the best way to obtain unfiltered intelligence as it relates to process performance and strategic planning. We do employ ISO/AS certified lead auditors for manufacturers that require ISO/AS compliant Internal Audits. Our third-party services also extend to services used for discretionary purposes including corporate registrations, third-party procurement, and other forms of discretionary representation.