With a reputation for thoroughness and discretion, International Trace provides intelligence and investigation services that protects business ventures, minimizes financial losses, increases profits, preserves proprietary data and corporate reputations, and produces successful outcomes in litigation and criminal proceedings.

The International Trace investigations team is comprised of specialists from a wide range of disciplines, including law, law enforcement, intelligence, accounting, technology and management consulting. Working closely and confidentially with management and/or legal counsel, the company's investigators help to devise a strategy to address such problems as theft of trade secrets, threats and hostile acts, product diversion, grey market and counterfeit products, patent and trademark infringements, workplace threats and violence, and other employee issues.

Businesses have encountered growing numbers of disgruntled employees, vengeful ex-employees and ruthless competitors and distributors. These factors have resulted in a growing need for corporate investigations. International Trace investigators determine the source and extent of the problem, develops information about the parties responsible, minimizes damage to the client and identifies effective measures to prevent further losses.
Litigation Support Services
Law Firms around the world depend on International Trace to develop accurate and recent evidence in support of client matters. Law Firms have found great value in our most popular investigative methods for obtaining evidence:

   > Asset Investigations/Bank Accounts > Cyber Intelligence & Computer Forensics > Statements & Interviews > Comprehensive Background Investigations > Dumpster Diving (Professional, local only)

  Support can also be shared with the Law Firm's support team:   > Service of Process > Skip Tracing / People Locate > Court Records Research, Document Retrieval, and Court Filings > Custom Support Services   Law Firms can count on International Trace to handle all matters with professionalism, discretion, and in compliance with state and federal laws.
International Investigations
Information Services
Investigations often extend beyond country borders and there is no better team to work with than International Trace. Partnering with foreign investigators, along with advanced cyber capabilities, International Trace is able to manage investigations around the world.

> Asset Investigations
> Financial Investigations
> International Background Checks
> Worldwide Skip Tracing
> Global Cyber Investigations
> Business Intelligence
> Product Diversion Investigations
> Scam Investigations  
Private Investigations
If you would like to hire the most technologically advanced service for private investigations, International Trace is the business for you. Our investigative team can discover enormous quantities of valuable information through public records, computer forensics, and other legal avenues of investigation.

For personal investigations, we offer a wide range of investigative services. We excel at finding valuable information related to individuals and businesses through often-complex investigations.

Examples of information we can find are:

• Asset investigations and bank accounts- We find hidden assets like real estate and concealed financial information like bank accounts
• Computer Forensics- We retrieve Hidden and deleted Computer files, emails, and internet activity
• Video Surveillance- We covertly follow your subject to gather evidence of criminal activity and infidelity
• Background Checks- Live hands on research performed by a licensed investigator to create a comprehensive profile of your subject

You can rest assured that International Trace offers the most comprehensive investigative solutions available. Contact us today and find out how we can help you.
Asset/ Bank Investigations
When you need to locate hidden assets, whether domestic or overseas, International Trace can help you find them. International Trace’s team of experts can locate tangible and intangible wealth, including bank accounts, real property, vehicles, jewelry, and investments. We employ multiple levels of search technology to locate hidden assets even when they are overseas or under different aliases.

People can get quite creative when they seek to conceal what they truly own, but our team stays a step ahead. When you need in-depth, hands-on investigations to locate hidden assets and bank accounts, International Trace has the tools and skills necessary to quickly find what your subject does not want to be found.